Louise Hay teaches about being enough. She tells us to look into a mirror and say; “I am enough.”

What does enough mean to you?

I heard about gratitude and even wrote gratitude statements for a time. I didn’t see much change in my life or me. Then one day, I started to see and feel all the amazing things my husband does for me. He makes meals, he helps clean the house, he keeps our yard beautiful, and he loves and accepts me unconditionally. I could go on and on. I then started to have gratitude for everything and everyone in my life. When I saw, spoke and felt gratitude, I was able to embrace enough.

I have gratitude for all I experience, hear, see and feel in the world. I have appreciation for all of it! I get this warm fuzzy feeling and smile. I am filled with the most loving feeling and give that love to the world. Living in enough has brought joy, peace and harmony into my life. I am enough and seeing gratitude in everything has taught me to love unconditionally. I have gratitude for the events in my life I once thought were negative experiences. I now see them as opportunities for growth and have gratitude for lessons I learned.

For the first time in many years, I am experiencing full enough. Now when I eat, I feel full. There was a time in my life when I would want more food, even after I had just finished a large meal. I realized I was trying to fill an emotional need. It was like I was attempting to fill an empty cavern because I didn’t believe I was enough. I didn’t have enough education. I didn’t have enough love. I didn’t have enough money.

I have enough things, enough clothes, when I buy new clothes, I release and donate the same number of items currently in my closet. I have enough home décor. One only has so many walls to put items on, and mine are full enough.

When my life seems chaotic, and I don’t feel grounded or centered. I remember that I must take care of myself. I connect to what brought me the chaotic state and say; “I am enough.” “I love and accept myself.” “I love the situation that brought me to this awareness.” Looking in that mirror, connecting to those eyes (your soul) and affirming; “I am whole and complete.” “I’ve got this.”

I am enough for you and for me.

Enough is when:

When you see sweetness in life.

When you see goodness in others and yourself.

When you have learned to love yourself and others.

When you no longer judge yourself or others.

Connect to the emotions that cause dis-ease and to your personal truth.

Maureen Gaetz-Faubert is a Heal Your Life Coach and Teacher based in Southern Alberta. You can connect with her here.

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