Maureen Gaetz-Faubert

Maureen is an internationally Certified and Licensed Heal Your Life® Coach and Workshop Teacher passionate about healing from dis-ease. Her healing journey began when she was diagnosed with a rare disorder. Maureen founded and created a one of a kind charitable organization and non-profit provincial society that grew to a national level. Maureen received Women of Distinction from the YWCA for Lethbridge area for the programs and services she created and offered to the Canadian health sector on Rare Disorders. She also received Citizen of Year in Coaldale, Alberta, where the head office for the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders was located until 2007.


Maureen had a near death experience as a result of a bowel-perforation. In that moment in time Maureen received physical healing. Four years later Maureen was introduced to the Louise Hay philosophy and understood the correlation between emotions, stress, feelings and physical dis-ease.

Maureen continues her work of healing from dis-ease on daily basis, through the Mind Body Connection. Maureen meditates, reads and applies the philosophy of Louise Hay, Dr. Wayne Dyer and many others into her daily life.

Maureen has been a caregiver for over 30 years and understands the importance of having access to a group that provides information, supports and programs for caregivers. Maureen was nominated to the Board of Directors of Caregivers Alberta. It is her desire to create awareness so that other caregivers will have access to services and supports.