What is freedom?

What does freedom look like to you?

Each and every day you have freedom of choice:

To embrace each day with gratitude and a smile.

To appreciate the many things we take for granted. Such as a good night’s sleep, a warm shower, food on our table and access to transportation.

What other freedom choices do you have?

Freedom comes in many forms. Financial freedom, freedom to be me, freedom of thought, freedom of action or acting, political freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of knowledge.

We live in a country where freedom can be what you want it to be. Where you create your own reality and live within it. I created freedom when I removed many years of shackles that I allowed others to put on me. I had allowed these shackles to stop me from becoming truly me.

I love the freedom I have created for myself. The freedom to follow my inner knowing. To bring forth things I create and know are filled with wisdom and knowledge. Freedom to share with others what is inside of my soul.

I am grateful for this freedom. We have the freedom to connect to our heart and listen to what it wants us to know. The freedom to embrace your hearts messages and act on them. It creates emotional and physical healthiness and well-being. I have the freedom to release to the world what I know is true and right.

Freedom for me is:

  • Bringing truth to the world

  • Encouraging and teaching people how to connect to their truth

  • Connecting to feelings buried alive.

  • Uncovering dis-ease that exist in the body, mind and soul

  • To learn how the heart speaks to the mind (brain)

  • The freedom to love myself and others

  • Sharing my wisdom

  • Embracing my power

  • Creating peace and contentment in my life

I have the freedom to teach others how to have the confidence to embrace those not so comfortable reflections of ourselves and learn to change them. To understand these reflections will continue to show up in your life until you heal from them. You have the freedom to embrace or reject my teachings.

Embracing freedom gives me the ability to be me! I no longer give myself excuses for speaking my truth. I know others will learn from what I have to say when they truly listen to the words and the intention behind the words.

Freedom to understand the world around me. With an open mind, embrace new concepts that are evolving. When we embrace new concepts we expand our mind and learn how to assimilate them into our consciousness.

We have the freedom to open our arms and say: I embrace the good now.

Trina WallaceComment